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Central Festival Shopping in Pattaya

Central Festival Shopping Mall opened in January 2009 and with 57,150 square metres of floor area is the largest shopping mall in Pattaya between Beach Road at the front and 2nd Road at the back between Soi's 9 and 10, Central Festival is constantly popular with a varied mix of tourists and locals who flock

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Bangkok Comic-Con

Comic Con is an internationally renowned event in the world of animation. The most famous event is the San Diego Comic Con which has been held since 1970. It is the main drive supporting Hollywood film industries. We recognise the potential of the Thai film and animation industries which are reflected in the high-quality

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Train Night Market for Vintage Cars

Train Market Vintage Cars Antiques and Everything Train night market's real name is Rot Fai Market,This market has a different feel to any other market i have been to in Thailand i could actually spend a whole 2 week holiday/vacation just coming here to look around and take in the wonderful atmosphere of everything going

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Asiatique Bangkok What Is It ?

OK first of all what is it, Is it a Market, Is it a Boutique, Is it a Restaurant, Is it an Amusement Park, The answer is quite simply YES ! It's a must visit venue for everyone, Whether you are a tourist or living here as an expat or Thai National

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