Central Festival Shopping Mall opened in January 2009 and with 57,150 square metres of floor area is the largest shopping mall in Pattaya between Beach Road at the front and 2nd Road at the back between Soi’s 9 and 10, Central Festival is constantly popular with a varied mix of tourists and locals who flock there for the many international brand clothing, Also there are many varied restaurants and coffee shops.

An excellent feature of Central Festival is the amount of viewing area’s over Pattaya Bay from the higher floors, Also the Horizon Bar on the roof which is part of the Hilton Hotel has the highest and most spectacular views almost 360″ degrees around Pattaya, The bar is open from 5pm until 1am and is the best place to go for the sunsets over Pattaya, Don’t forget your camera whatever you do !

There are an abundance of restaurants at Central Festival Shopping Mall which are situated mainly on the 5th floor, My favourite of these is the Hippopotamus, The cuisine is delightful and the meat skewers and steaks are very reasonably priced considering the views over the bay from here, I shall be putting a full review of this restaurant in my Reviews Page as i do them, This site is an on going venture to give information on Pattaya and other areas of Thailand.