Housing costs vary quite a bit depending on where you settle. That said, a $1,000 monthly budget should be enough to live in whichever city interests you the most in Thailand. Bangkok rents rank among the highest in the country. According to Numbeo.com, an international price comparison website, a one-bedroom apartment in the central districts of Bangkok costs about $570 per month on average, which is pretty certain to break your budget. If you are willing to live outside the central districts, however, a similar one-bedroom apartment costs only about $255 per month.

Living costs are quite low in Thailand, especially compared to costs in the United States or Europe. Fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged food products and consumer staples including pasta, bread, eggs and meat are widely available and inexpensive throughout the country. According to Numbeo.com, the national average for a loaf of bread is less than $1, a dozen eggs is about $1.50, rice is less than 50 cents per pound, and boneless, skinless chicken breast is about $1.30 per pound.

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