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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs2018-11-13T12:57:42+00:00

I try and answer as many questions as I can on my YouTube channel, but below are the most commonly asked questions I get.

What is the best taxi service to use at BKK Airport to Pattaya?2018-11-15T11:30:55+00:00

I don’t actually know if they are the best but Tony Taxi Service is awesome you can send them a message on their Facebook page with your details and they will be waiting at the airport to meet you with your name on a board when you come through customs, I have many subscribers to my YouTube channel that use them and i use them myself also, Here is a link to the Facebook page for Tony Taxi    Also here is a link to their website   Hope this helps you.

How easy is it to get my Thai Girlfriend a visa to take her to my own country?2018-11-15T11:28:52+00:00

Its not easy at all and can cost you a lot of money just to get a swift no from your countries immigration authority, Here is an example, When filling in the form to apply for a visa the question that keeps failing your girl is Place of Work and Telephone Number, Immigration will call this number every time to clarify that they do work there and most times either don’t get through or get told that they never heard of the girl, It’s quite unusual how often this comes up, Also when you apply to take your partner/girlfriend back to your own country i believe that applying using an agent from Pattaya also throws up a red flag, Try finding an agent in your girls home town it will be much easier  and without the Pattaya stigma.

How do i get a visa for Thailand ?2018-11-15T07:23:42+00:00

I am not a visa agent, But i always say that it is better and easier to do your visa’s here in Thailand, I use Paul Aslett for all my visa stuff,His company is Thai Visa Express and their office is in Soi 15 off of Soi Baukhao, Here is a link to their website